Is anyone even reading this?

I have a new blog location: . And you could also follow it via @ihatehandshakes on twitter.

I might start this up again, but with different stuff later on.

I’m still here, but it’s a new here.

I’ve been absent for a little while, I know. Some things have changed since I last posted. I feel so grateful that two friends of mine have offered to let me share their office workspace so I have somewhere to go every day. That is hugely helpful for many…

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There’s a hole in my bucket

I got some pretty interesting reactions and replies to my last post! I’m happy that it started a few discussions, that was all I wanted to do. I also want it to be clear that I absolutely enjoyed myself at eurucamp overall and had a great conference…

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Developers and Depression (31:06)

[vimeo w=584&h=329]

Given by Greg Baugues on August 16 2013 at Steel City Ruby in Pittsburgh, PA.

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If you speak at conferences or can influence someone who does, please consider this.

Due to the kindness of a complete stranger, I was fortunate enough to attend eurucamp in Berlin over the weekend. It was a conference about Ruby, the programming language I just started learning last week. I was really excited to be a part of a whole…

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"I hope to see …

“I hope to see Ruby help every programmer in the world to be productive, and to enjoy programming, and to be happy. That is the primary purpose of Ruby language.” – Yukihiro Matsumoto, chief Ruby designer

This quote appeared during the Rails Girlsworkshop…

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Gollum is such an asshole.

I’m not sure what made me crumble this week. I was really happy with my productivity last week and I even had some fun over the weekend. Even so, I woke up on Sunday and I hated the world and I felt dead inside and my soul felt heavy. I watched the entire…

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I know things. I do!

Twenty-nine hours and five minutes. That’s my total time spent directly working towards becoming a programmer these last five days. My longest day was Thursday, clocking in at 7:55; the shortest was yesterday at 4:55. (Avg. time is 5:49/day). I think…

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